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Past Winners
And the winner is...

Here are the results of our previous "Name that Tool" contests.

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Sod Cutter This tool was restored by our shop crew last year. It’s called a sod cutter, used to cut sod quickly and smoothly. Landscapers, contractors, nurseries and golf courses utilize these with a great deal of success. Congrats to Ben Yates who was able to figure out the right answer, and received a $50 Gift Certificate.
Wood Plane As you can probably tell, we just LOVE old tools. We picked up this old wood plane in a local antique shop and most people could recognize what it was. We'll be sure and make the next photo tougher! And hats-off to Dianna Lingholt who submitted the winning entry.
Cattle De-Horner We went to the barn to dig out our latest tool- and no, it's not called the "Lorena Bobbit tool". Most of the guesses we got for this tool were cable cutter, pipe cutter or something along those lines. This rusty old relic is in fact a cutter used to de-horn cattle. We would like to congratulate Jim Wahl who was the lucky winner this time around.
Stone Breaker Well, apparently there aren't many convicts visiting our site. We received no correct entries on this one. This tool was used by inmates on chain gangs around the turn of the century. They weren't allowed sharp objects, so this instrument was used to break stone. Our thanks go to our resident "old tool buff" John Fitzgerald, who brought this in from his collection to use in the contest.
Air Compressor The fourth contest received alot of entries, unfortunately, most of you went with the obvious choice- A GARDEN TRACTOR- Which was wrong. Do you think we'd make it that easy??? This tool is actually a very old air compressor, used to run all types of pneumatic equipment- like paving breakers, rock drills and sandblasters. Congratulations to Don Crawford who took the time to really study the picture and won the $50.00 gift certificate!
Piston Cylinder Hone Our third contest ended with alot of correct entries. Seems you guys brushed up on your automotive tools! This tool, although the picture was poor, was a piston cylinder hone- used for honing the cylinders of an engine. Good going all you guys for the correct answers, and the lucky winner was Jake Benson who won the $50.00 Gift Certificate.
tool\ Our second contest proved to be more challenging. Where were all of you auto mechanics out there! This tool is called a ridge reamer and is used to remove the ridge at the top of an engine cylinder that has been worn. Of all the quesses we got, there was only one that was correct. Our congratulations go to Kenny Thorpe who was the winner of a $50.00 Gift Certificate.
Asbestos Shingle Cutter In our first contest, the guesses ranged from Thingy to Metal Cutters to Tile Cutters. As most of you could see, it was a type of cutter... An Asbestos Shingle Cutter to be exact. This tool was used heavily through the 1950's and 60's when many homes had asbestos shingles for siding. We found this old antique, and our thanks go to Bob Stahr who owns this relic. Believe it or not, we still get calls for this tool and rent it out a couple times a year!
Congratulations to everyone who entered the contest and especially our winner Ben Hessling, who received a $50.00 Gift Certificate at Rent-E-Quip, Inc.
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